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Why are Morse Drum lifters an ideal buy?

Selecting the right drum lifter for your application can be daunting, especially when a plethora of options surround you. At the same time, you have to be sceptical courtesy of the risks associated with the safe handling of high-volume and heavy-weight industrial drums. However, as with all conceivably dangerous applications, risks associated with the handling of drums can be minimised using Morse Drum lifters.

What’s unique with Morse Drum lifters?

While every drum lifter in the market serves a similar function of transporting and decanting industrial drums, Morse Drums highly emphasises the specific needs of every industry. Having said that, let us have a look at the company’s offerings.

The All-in-one and affordable 86 series

Looking for both rimmed and rimless drum lifter? If yes, then you’re browsing the right category. The 86 series lifters support the drums from the bottom and therefore, there’s hardly any requirement for the rim to exist. Moreover, they are perfect for upright transportation and facilitating parallelism. Most importantly, they come in low budget variants. Well, that’s a huge plus! In addition, these lifters can be employed with all kinds of steel, plastic and fibre drums. `

Drum Lifters for hard-to-reach areas

While 86 series is preferred mostly for easy transportation, the 90, 91 and 92 series is an ideal choice for retrieving and putting drums in outer containers. The methodology of operation rests on gripping the rimmed drums from the top and transporting them by manually operating the hoist.

Worried about the quality?

Morse Drum delivers a load certificate with each product tested independently at the factory at 125% of rated capacity. Moreover, the products comply with the ANSI/ASME B30.20 industry standard for below-the-hook lifting devices. For more information regarding this standard, please visit

Apart from the quality of the product, Morse Drum ensures that workers who have passed the ANSI/AWS D14.1 welding qualification test carry out welding on these lifters. Besides, the welding operation is conducted in accordance with ANSI/AWS D14.1 and ASME BTH-1.

By now, two things are clear:

  1. Morse Drum has answers to all the requirements you can cook.
  2. The company guarantees uncompromising quality.

Let’s narrow down our research to specific lifters so that it becomes more comfortable for you to make decisions.

Solve all commercial and industrial issues with 86 serie Drum lifters

These drum lifters utilise the ratcheting and pawl mechanism to transport the drums in an upright position. The mechanism prevents the drums from falling thereby, putting a full stop to occupational hazards. Most importantly, a below-the-hook lifter can move loads of specific sizes and shapes. So, the next time when you look for the relevant options for lifting your drums, don’t browse too far, stick to the numeral 86.

Note: The 86 series drum lifters are appropriate for handling drums with 56-59.7 cm diameter and 58-97 cm height. For smaller diameter drums, Morse Drum offers diameter adapters that are sold separately.

Favourably, Morse 86 series Drum lifters come in different variants suitable for use on docks, entresols, construction sites and numerous marine applications.

These below-the-hook barrel lifters attach to the cranes and provide a bar at the bottom to support the drums. Also, they can be appended to the forklift by employing Morse Fork Mount Hook.

Standard drum lifters

Need a budget drum lifter for your internal and external operations?

Fulfil your requirements by installing 86 and 86-SS at your work-space.

With a drum weighing capacity up to 454 kg / 1000 lb, Morse Drum 86 lifter is ideal for quickly transporting, weighing, dumping and dispensing the drums. They are versatile equipment ideal for use with steel, fibre and plastic drums. Opt for this carbon steel lifter when you need to handle 55 gallons/208-litre drums.

MORSE DRUM 86-SS Drum Lifter

86-SS is not much different from 86 although it features a highly corrosion resistant stainless steel body. Besides, it works well with plastic, steel and fibre drums. In simple words, if you think that your work mostly includes environmental contact, 86-SS is unmistakably the way to proceed.

Custom drum lifters with under drum support

What about a lifter that can save you time? 

Well, that’s what 86S-2D does with its double drum lifting capability.

Talk about facilitating parallelism; this double drum lifter is perfect for industries with high work-load. It supports two drums at a time with a capacity of 454 kg / 1000 lb per drum. All your worries regarding drowsiness at work will vanish once you incorporate this equipment into your work methods.

Concerned about the drum’s stability?

There’s no denying that transporting drums saturated with hazardous substances is difficult, but not when 86S-FP and 86S-FPHD models serve your needs.

Equipped with versatile fork pockets, 86S-FP is ideal for applications where the balance of the drum cannot be compromised. The adequately spaced fork pockets support the drum correctly.

What if the load’s too much for a regular drum lifter to handle?

Well, your concern is apt, however, not terrifying. In other words, the heavy-duty 86S-FPHD is the equipment you need to install. Designed to handle up to 907 kg, this drum lifter is ideal for almost every industrial application. In addition, it comes with versatile forklift pockets to render extra control.

Still looking for options to facilitate proper handling?

The 86S-2LP and 86S-3LP Drum lifters with lifting points might solve your issues.

MORSE DRUM 86S-2LP Below-Hook Drum Lifter

Load tested to 125% of rated capacity, these drum lifters come with 2 / 3 lifting points which expedite balanced treatment. The lifting points increase the stability and provide the safety margin. It isn’t surprising that these lifters are one of the most sought after Morse Drum lifters.

While Morse 86 series drum lifters prove ideal for industrial and commercial settings, there are numerous additional options on the plate. These options, as opposed to the intuitions, will only lead you towards a better decision. Let’s catch up with some more lifters from Morse Drum.

Reach unapproachable areas with 90 series drum lifters

Finding it difficult to place and retrieve the drums from hard-to-reach areas?

The 90 series is the solution to your problem. The 90, 90M, 90SS handle a 55-gallon (210 litres)steel drum by alternative gripping and release mechanism. In the picture below note how these lifters grip the top rim from underneath and then lift the drum.

1. The lifter is first lowered onto the dum’s top.
2. It then initiates the gripping mechanism and grips under the drum’s top rim.
3. Meanwhile, the only work you need to do is to operate the hoist for guiding the drum grab.

Once the drum is transported to the target area, the hoist is lowered although the grip remains connected until the drum is entirely touching the ground.

Pack and retrieve the drums from containers with 91 series drum lifters

Transporting drums has always been a risky task primarily due to the hazardous substances they carry. For this reason, these drums are mostly put into an overpack or a salvage drum.

The 91 series drum lifter are special purpose lifters designed to place 55-gallon (210 litres) steel drum into an outer container. One of the striking features of this lifter is its broad-faced grip pads. The broad-faced grip accounts for larger surface area and reduces the pressure on the drum. Besides, the narrow profile of the grippers enables the drum to be lowered into the overpack drum.

MORSE DRUM 91 Lifter

Apart from the conventional drum, these lifters are suitable for lifting 85-gallon (325 litres) steel overpack. The next time you look for organising your drums in containers for shipping, no need to look further than this 91 lifter.

Lift all types of drums with 92 series drum lifters

With an adjustable tong-like action, these drum lifters can lift all the common drums. Moreover, they are suitable for working with steel/plastic and fibre drums. The approach is to manually centre the drum lifter at the top of the drum and then allow the gripping mechanism to lift it.

The narrow profile of the tong allows for loading the drums into hard-to-reach places and outer containers. Besides, the different variants account for lifting 5-gallons to 85-gallons.

Altogether, 92 series is an ideal choice when you are unclear about the size and material of the drum you want to lift.

Place the drums horizontally with 41 and 42 series drum lifters

Now here’s something dissimilar to all the drum lifters discussed above. The 41 series and 42 series lifters offer you the choice of placing the drums horizontally. It might not seem like an advantage but definitely an option for efficient storage in some warehouses.

These lifters have forged hooks that engage the rims at opposite ends of the drums. The 42 series further provides off-vertical mode (look at the image above) lifting for both horizontal and vertical positioning of drums.

Interested in buying?

Raptor Supplies Limited, an authorised and recognised Morse Drum distributor, offers a wide variety of drum lifters to its customers in the UK, Europe, Middle East and South East Asia.

At Raptor Supplies, we help you with the perfect equipment for your needs.

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