Morse Drum Lifter – For Easy Transport of 210 Liter Drums

Lifting heavy drums? Need reliable drum lifters? We’ve a solution – Morse drum handling equipment!

Since 1923, Morse Manufacturing Company is a leader in offering 55-gallon (210 litre) drum handling solutions. The range of Morse drum handling equipment includes drum trucks, mobile drum handlers, forklift attachments and drum rotators.

Above all, Morse designs safe crane drum lifters having an under-drum support. The Morse 86 Below-Hook drum lifter can safely lift & move a plastic, steel or fiber drum placed upright with your crane or hoist. Also, they have a capacity of lifting loads up to 1000 lbs(454 Kg).

86 Series Below-Hook Drum Lifter

Why buy a Morse 86 Series drum lifter?

Difficult to lift your drum by a chain? Drum not having an upper rim to offer grip? Then, you may require an extra support. The 86 Series drum lifters is the best option. It provides a support under the drum as well as around the drum. Morse uses high-quality carbon steel to make the Model # 86, offered in blue color. Furthermore, the company also offers other models such as the stainless steel- “Morse 86-SS”.

Morse 55 gallon drum handling equipment is used across docks, mezzanines, oil rigs, construction sites & different marine applications.

So, are they reliable enough to lift your loads?

Most noteworthy, these drum lifters meet ANSI/ASME B30.20 standards for below-the-hook lifting devices.

Each unit of Morse drum lifter undergoes a load test at the factory, and comes along with a Load Test Certificate.

Technical Specifications:

(1) Capacity: 1000 lbs(454 Kgs)
(2) Drum Diameter: 22" to 23.5" (55.9 to 59.7 cm)
(3) Drum Height: 23" to 38" (58.4 - 96.5cm)
(4) Drum Material: Steel, fiber or plastic
(5) Accepts Diameter Adaptors for smaller drums.

How do Morse drum lifters operate?

Morse below-the-hook drum handlers can safely lift or move your drum in upright position. The drums are supported with a bar under the drum. Furthermore, a positive grip cinch chain & a ratchet mechanism surrounding the drum offers additional security. This below-hook drum or barrel lifter can then attach to any monorail, crane, or chain block.

While, you may also attach the barrel lift to your forklift by using a Morse Fork Mount Hook.

Not having 55-gallon drums? Or, want to lift more drums at a time?

As a result, Morse Drum Company offers below-hook drum lifters for almost any drum. Therefore, with the correct drum lifter, the chances of any damage, environmental impact & injuries are reduced.

Other 86 Series drum lifters:

  1. The Model 86S-FP provides fork pockets to allow easy lifting by a forklift.
    Morse 86S-FP drum lifter.
  2. Whereas, the Model 86S-2D can easily lift 2 drums at a time.
    Morse 86S-2D drum lifter.
  3. While, type 304 stainless steel is used to make the Model 86-SS drum lifter. It offers wash-down capabilities & avoids any kind of paint chipping. The 86-SS drum lifter is ideal for different marine applications & food, pharmaceutical & chemical facilities.
    Morse 86-SS drum lifter.
  4. Furthermore, the Model 86S-2LP comes with 2 lift points to offer better lifting capabilities.
    Morse 86S-2LP drum lifter.
  5. Finally, the Model 86S-FPHD is a heavy duty drum lifter. It comes with fork pockets & has a lifting capacity of 2000 lbs(907 Kgs).
Morse 86S-FPHD drum lifter.

Where to buy drum lifters from Morse Drum Company?

Looking for Morse drum lifter parts? Need genuine Morse products?

Raptor Supplies UK is an official Morse Drum distributor & supplier. We offer their complete range of drum & barrel handling solutions to our customers located in the UK, Europe and the rest of EMEA. Also, at Raptor Supplies, we help you choose the right crane drum lifter that suits your lifting requirement!

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