Drum Faucets Suitable For Acids

Drum faucet is a great solution for dispensing fluids in a controlled manner directly from a steel or plastic drum. Simple to use, just screw the faucet into the opening on the top of a drum and turn the knob on / off to use.

While, what if you need to dispense corrosive fluids? Or chemicals such as acids? The need for a suitable drum faucet is even greater due to spill containment requirements and hazards to workers handling drums with acids. Also, the drum faucets’ construction material and any associated seals need to be corrosion-resistant to prevent any leaks.

The Solution:

First of all, a drum faucet is made out of polyethylene. Rieke Packaging manufactures the “Flo-King”. The Flo-King is a polyethylene drum faucet with an EPDM gasket. With a 2″ male NPT thread, connects easily to many plastic and steel drums. Also, the Flo-King has a 2″ opening and can empty a 208 litre drum in 3 minutes. It’s too easy to use Flo-King with a wide range of chemicals, including 35% hydrochloric acid (HCL) and 80% sodium hydroxide (NaOH). Rieke also offers a version with a 3/4″ NPT male thread called “Flo-Rite.”

Browse our range of drum faucets and other drum accessories. If you need a drum faucet that is compatible with a certain chemical.

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