4 Things to Consider When Choosing an Aurand Deck Crawler

Aurand Manufacturing offers a range of handheld surface preparation tools for removal of rust, scale or paint from almost any hard surface. Need to prepare a surface for a new top coat or to remove rust and paint? Then a deck crawler from Aurand is a must, they are super simple to use and quickly prepares any surface for resurfacing.

But which model you should buy? With 24 different part numbers to choose from, picking the right model can get confusing. What does the M, K, E, V, 5, 6, 7, -1 and -2 in the part numbers mean? Fear not, we at Raptor Supplies have put together an easy-to-read guide to help you find the model you need.

Do I need an “K” or “M” series deck crawler? 

Aurand basically offers two models, the “M” and “K” series. The difference is pretty simple:

The “K” series deck crawlers are lightweight (weigh a maximum of 5 kg). They are used for handwork or light-duty jobs

  • They can clean up to 90 square feet (8 sq. meters) per hour
  • User holds the unit with a knob mounted on the top and a handle at the back of the device

The “M” series is more suitable for heavy-duty work or for anybody who needs to treat a flooring surface.

  • It is capable of treating up to 150 square feet (16 sq. meters) per hour
  • Unit comes standard with an easy to use C-handle to deal with the greater 1/2 HP of the “M” series
  • Keep in mind, the higher powered “M” deck scaler weighs up to 12 kg+

But the “M” series does have one important advantage over the “K”. (1) an extension handle is available, model 79MP, that attaches to the “M” deck scaler and improves the ergonomic capability of the unit for those with regular floor work.

The choice really comes down to whether you have light- or heavy-duty jobs that you need to remove rust, scale or paint from and the amount of surface area that needs to be prepared.

Electric vs. Pneumatic (“P”)

Okay, so now you have figured out whether you need a “K” or “M” series model. Next is the power source, do you go for an electric or pneumatic option? Model numbers with a “P” included in the part number are  air-powered.

Which option to choose depends on your available power at the source area that needs to be cleaned. If there is an electrical connection nearby, Aurand offers all their tools in both 115V (model number suffix “-1”) and 230V (suffix of “-2″  in the part number). Electric deck crawlers can be operated worldwide as they come standard with 50/60 hz motors.

If you go with a pneumatic version, you will need an air compressor that can deliver air to your unit at 70 – 100 psi with either a 1/2″ or 3/4” connection depending on the model you choose. The pneumatic version, without the need for an electric motor, also weighs less than its electric counterpart.

What cleaning area width do you need?

Aurand’s deck scarifiers come in either 5″ (127 mm), 8″ (203 mm) or 12″ (305 mm) width configurations. The “K” series is sold in either 5″ or 8″ widths and the “M” series is sold in 8″ or 12″ widths, which makes sense as the “M” series is used for heavy-duty work or with floors where you will want a wider surface area.

The “E” designation in the model number denotes an extended or “wider” width compared to the base unit. Example: the Aurand MP6 is an 8″ wide deck crawler and the MP6E is simply the same version available in 12″.

Do I need a vacuum shroud?

The last thing you need to figure out is whether you need a vacuum shroud on your Aurand deck scaler, which can throw off dust and other particulates. All deck scalers are available with the vacuum shroud, denoted with a “V” in the model number. Connect Aurand surface preparation tools to HEPA vacuums with the vacuum shroud attachment.  This captures any dust thrown off during operation.

This accessory is required depending on your situation, such as the type and amount of dust being generated and frequency of operation.


Figuring out which Aurand deck crawler you need is simple, just follow the below steps:

  1. Choose M or K series
  2. Decide the width you need (5″, 8″ or 12″), which could be the E version
  3. Pick either P for pneumatic or -1 for 110v / -2 for 230v
  4. Add V if you need a vacuum shroud

For any questions on the full line of Aurand Mfg surface preparation tools, feel free to call Raptor Supplies @ +44 203 287 5224 or email sales@raptorsupplies.com

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