Aerosol Can Disposal System from Newstripe

Generating lots of empty aerosol cans from your industrial processes? Looking for an efficient aerosol can disposal system? We have the solution to safely process and dispose aerosol cans. Make money by selling your empty aerosol cans for scrap metal!

Newstripe Inc. USA

Newstripe  is a leading manufacturer of reliable aerosol can disposal and recycling equipment. Their AeroVent aerosol can recycling system turns processing and disposal of aerosol cans into a safe & simple process. A Newstripe aerosol can disposal system has a quick payback period. AeroVent from Newstripe is offered as two models, choose from Standard and X versions.

Which aerosol can disposal system to buy?

On a budget? Or need to process large volumes of empty aerosol cans? Newstripe AeroVent products enables proper and quick disposing / recycling of empty aerosol cans.

AeroVent Standard is similar to the the popular design of AeroVent 1X coupled with a carbon filter but for the budget conscious user. The enclosed chamber of this aerosol can crusher prevents any release of hazardous gases. Most noteworthy, if you don’t need a cycle counter or Viz-a-Ball indicator, then AeroVent Standard is for you.

Alternatively, do you generate lots of empty aerosol cans? Or need aerosol can recycling equipment that tracks usage? Then the AeroVent 1X / 3X model is a better fit.

Both 1X and 3X models come standard with a Viz-a-ball indicator. This feature tells the operator when the aerosol can has been emptied and the lid is safe to open. The built-in cycle counter tracks the number of aerosol cans processed.

The AeroVent 3X makes recycling/disposing aerosol cans a simple and smooth task. This model can safely process up to three cans at once. Furthermore, it features a unique tray design, which fits aerosol cans up to 3 inches in diameter and up to 10.5 inches in length.

How does one use AeroVent? 

Each AeroVent aerosol can disposal system fits easily on the bung of a standard 55 gallon / 210 litre drum. Comes with a Safe2Vent activated carbon filter to catch any released vapour or gas. With one easy step, AeroVent punctures and drains aerosol cans simultaneously.

The Aerovent 3X disposal system is safe and simple to operate. In three simple steps:

  • First, place a can in the tray and lower the lid with the attached locking clamp. This automatically seals the chamber and simultaneously punctures the can.
Place an aerosol can & close the lid.

  • Wait until the filter’s Viz-a-Ball stops moving, which may take 5-30 seconds to stop. Once the ball stops, any excess gas or vapour has been drained. The user can safely raise the lid.
Waiting for the operation to complete
  • Open the lid and take the aerosol cans out of the tray. That’s it! You can now either dispose or or sell the processed cans as scrap metal.

Why purchase a Newstripe AeroVent product?

Firstly, Newstripe makes its products in the USA and come with an industry-leading 18-month warranty. With AeroVent’s uniquely designed products, the user is protected from leaks or hazardous blow back.

The AeroVent aerosol can disposal system features a spark-proof aluminium chamber. The unit also comes with a cobalt puncture tip and grounding cable to minimise sparks. A safety check valve seals the drum when not in use and the check ball indicates whether the cycle is complete.

Newstripe spare parts are cost-effective and don’t compromise on the quality of their aerosol can disposal systems.

The Viz-a-Ball indicator check valve is easy to use. The installed ball valve complies with OSHA, EPA & California regulations and prevents vapour from escaping.

Lastly, Raptor Supplies is an authorised international distributor of Newstripe products. We offer their aerosol can disposal systems and line stripers to customers in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

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