Siemens TP900 Comfort Panel

Siemens comfort panels provide automated control solutions for HMI (Human–Machine Interface) applications. Their high-end visual experience delivers wide viewing angles up to 170 degrees to enable optimal readability. The PROFIenergy technology of these panels actively controls the current consumption of all the automated components by disconnecting individual loads or the entire production unit, when not required. Moreover, in case of power failures, it also terminates all active archive files and creates backups of the data already archived in the RDB format. Therefore these control panels are an ideal choice for centrally controlling all automated mechanical equipment.

A refurbished version of the Multi Panel MP 277 HMI, the Siemens TP900 comfort panel offers wider display space & higher resolution. Additionally, it features:

  • maximum screen display service life with minimum energy requirements
  • adaptive brightness
  • function key with LEDs for guiding new users
  • 2 PROFINET interfaces w/integrated network switch for handling about 4000 messages
  • operating software: WinCC (TIA Portal)
  • audio in / audio out interface for playback of sound files through Media Player

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