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Food Grade Mixer – Kushlan 450DD UK

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Need to mix coffee, tea, or flour ingredients? Kushlan offers an affordable / easy to use food grade drum mixer for both DIY and commercial use. Kushlan Products’ durable food grade mixers are sold in either FDA-approved polyethylene 450DD or stainless steel 550SS drum models. Products have high-quality construction to ensure a consistent and homogenised mix. […]

Drum Faucets Suitable For Acids


Drum faucet is a great solution for dispensing fluids in a controlled manner directly from a steel or plastic drum. Simple to use, just screw the faucet into the opening on the top of a drum and turn the knob on / off to use. While, what if you need to dispense corrosive fluids? Or […]

Wesco StairKing Battery Powered Stair Climber

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Wesco’s Stairking battery-powered stairclimbers are the perfect option to safely and securely move appliances and other cargo up and down a flight of stairs. To use, simply slide the cargo onto the 4″ deep noseplate. Secure using the auto-rewind ratchet that first removes any slack and then tightens using the ratchet crank. The included sealed-battery propels […]

Friedrich Hazardgard ATEX-rated Window Air Conditioner


Friedrich offers an ATEX / CE marked version of their popular Hazardgard line of air conditioning units for use in international markets, including Europe, the Middle East / Gulf, Africa and Asia.   Hazardgard Overview: Hazardgard air conditioners are specifically designed for use where CE or ATEX certification is required. Ideal for use in hazardous […]