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Gasket Cutters from Allpax


Allpax is a leading brand for those needing gasket cutters and accessories. With an Allpax gasket cutter, one can cut custom ring and flange gaskets with ease.

Aerosol Can Disposal System from Newstripe

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Generating lots of empty aerosol cans from your industrial processes? Looking for an efficient aerosol can disposal system? We have the solution to safely process and dispose aerosol cans. Make money by selling your empty aerosol cans for scrap metal! Newstripe  is a leading manufacturer of reliable aerosol can disposal and recycling equipment. Their AeroVent aerosol can recycling […]

Venturi Blower from Allegro Safety


Need to extract fumes or vapour from your industrial setting? Or provide cool air to workers or equipment located in a confined space? You need to think about getting a pneumatic venturi blower. Allegro Safety produces quality safety products. Their products have been available for over thirty years. Allegro’s venturi style pneumatic air blowers keep work […]

Grainger UK and EU dealer

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Grainger UK reseller Sitting in the UK or EU and struggling to find and get quick delivery of a Grainger usa product? Look no further, Raptor Supplies Limited is an authorised UK and EU reseller of the entire Grainger catalogue. We supply Grainger MRO products to customers in the UK and all EU countries, including […]

4 Things to Consider When Choosing an Aurand Deck Crawler


Aurand Manufacturing offers a range of handheld surface preparation tools for removal of rust, scale or paint from almost any hard surface. Need to prepare a surface for a new top coat or to remove rust and paint? Then a deck crawler from Aurand is a must, they are super simple to use and quickly […]

Drum Handling Equipment – The Ultimate Guide


Overview to drum handling equipment Choosing drum handling equipment isn’t easy – users have a wide variety of choices and narrowing down to the specific equipment needed can be daunting. Before deciding on a particular product, an end-user should have clarity that the proposed solution will fit their requirements. With this in mind, Raptor Supplies […]

Drum Roller from Morse Drum – 5 Factors To Consider

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Drum roller from Morse Drum Using a drum roller from Morse Drum is perfect for mixing the contents of a closed drum. Improved worker safety and reduced spillage / cleanup costs make this equipment a must-have for any company that needs to mix or agitate drums in their industrial process. Morse Manufacturing offers several types of […]