Bison Motor 011-190-0702

Bison’s 100 Series Parallel Shaft DC Gearmotors are ideal for applications that require speed regulation and torque control. These permanent magnet DC motors have 746 Watts or less rated power output, 1st-stage helical steel gearing and precision-machined die-cast aluminium housing. They are offered in the speed and torque range of 1.3 – 359 RPM and 8-100 in-lb, respectively, and feature permanently lubricated, sealed and gasketed bearings, significantly reducing maintenance and increasing bearing life. The motors also feature UL 1449 compliant Class F insulation and TENV enclosure allowing robust use in dirty and damp areas.

Ideal for security / railroad gates, machine tool equipment, feeders, medical conveyors, etc., the 100 Series 011-190-0702 Parallel Shaft DC Gear Motor from Bison features:

  • Heavy-duty 1/40 hp motor with a maximum rotational speed of 3 rpm
  • IP43-rated gearmotor operating at 90V with a maximum ampere rating of 0.15 amps

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