Gasket Cutters from Allpax

Need to cut ring or flange gaskets? Then you need to use a gasket cutter!

For more than 75 years, Allpax has been manufacturing gasket-cutting tools. As a result, Allpax is a leading brand for those needing gasket cutters and accessories. With an Allpax gasket cutter, one can cut custom ring and flange gaskets with ease.

Allpax gasket cutting tools

Which gasket cutter to choose?

Allpax gasket cutter tools are available for both metallic & non-metallic materials such as cork or fiber. These tools can cut gaskets of different face widths & diameters. Likewise, Allpax offers both SAE and metric gasket cutters.

Allpax’s motorised M3 rotary style gasket cutter is ideal for cutting multiple gaskets of the same size. These Allpax gasket cutters come with a Daytona gear motor for operating at both 120 & 220V voltage.

Need a compact tool that can operate manually? Then the compact gasket cutter kit from Allpax is an ideal choice. The kit includes a self-healing gasket cutting board and metal storage case.  

Gasket cutting range from Allpax Corporation

Why choose Allpax gasket cutters?

Allpax gasket cutter parts are made in the USA and offer precision cutting of metallic and non-metallic gaskets. Furthermore, Allpax gasket cutter kits come standard with storage cases to keep cutters safely stored.

In fact, Allpax gasket cutter systems use precision steel components. Allpax cutters also feature cast iron frames for durability. Allpax gasket cutter kits come with textured cutting boards to reduce blade friction & breakage while crafting gaskets.

Allpax also offers extension bars, block cutters and cutting blades in multiple options.

Mounting options

Allpax cutters easily mount to any surface for simple installation and operation. Customers can choose either bench or vise mounted cutters.

Where can you buy Allpax gasket cutters?

Raptor Supplies UK is an official Allpax Corp. distributor.  We sell their products to the UK, EU, the Middle East and Asia. So have a look at their gasket cutters now!

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