Food Grade Mixer – Kushlan 450DD UK

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Need to mix coffee, tea, or flour ingredients? Kushlan offers an affordable / easy to use food grade drum mixer for both DIY and commercial use. Kushlan Products’ durable food grade mixers are sold in either FDA-approved polyethylene 450DD or stainless steel 550SS drum models. Products have high-quality construction to ensure a consistent and homogenised mix. […]

Gasket Cutters from Allpax


Allpax is a leading brand for those needing gasket cutters and accessories. With an Allpax gasket cutter, one can cut custom ring and flange gaskets with ease.

Aerosol Can Disposal System from Newstripe

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Generating lots of empty aerosol cans from your industrial processes? Looking for an efficient aerosol can disposal system? We have the solution to safely process and dispose aerosol cans. Make money by selling your empty aerosol cans for scrap metal! Newstripe  is a leading manufacturer of reliable aerosol can disposal and recycling equipment. Their AeroVent aerosol can recycling […]

Venturi Blower from Allegro Safety


Need to extract fumes or vapour from your industrial setting? Or provide cool air to workers or equipment located in a confined space? You need to think about getting a pneumatic venturi blower. Allegro Safety produces quality safety products. Their products have been available for over thirty years. Allegro’s venturi style pneumatic air blowers keep work […]

Grainger UK and EU dealer

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Grainger UK reseller Sitting in the UK or EU and struggling to find and get quick delivery of a Grainger usa product? Look no further, Raptor Supplies Limited is an authorised UK and EU reseller of the entire Grainger catalogue. We supply Grainger MRO products to customers in the UK and all EU countries, including […]

4 Things to Consider When Choosing an Aurand Deck Crawler


Aurand Manufacturing offers a range of handheld surface preparation tools for removal of rust, scale or paint from almost any hard surface. Need to prepare a surface for a new top coat or to remove rust and paint? Then a deck crawler from Aurand is a must, they are super simple to use and quickly […]

Straval Strainers and Valves


Looking for Stra-Val valves outside the US? Look no further as Raptor Supplies now offers the strainer and valve product lines of Straval, a US-based OEM that designs and manufacturers a full range of the following valves and strainers: Pressure regulators Back pressure / bypass valves Relief valves Vacuum relief valves Strainers Check valves Their […]

Drum Faucets Suitable For Acids


Drum faucet is a great solution for dispensing fluids in a controlled manner directly from a steel or plastic drum. Simple to use, just screw the faucet into the opening on the top of a drum and turn the knob on / off to use. While, what if you need to dispense corrosive fluids? Or […]

Wesco StairKing Battery Powered Stair Climber

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Wesco’s Stairking battery-powered stairclimbers are the perfect option to safely and securely move appliances and other cargo up and down a flight of stairs. To use, simply slide the cargo onto the 4″ deep noseplate. Secure using the auto-rewind ratchet that first removes any slack and then tightens using the ratchet crank. The included sealed-battery propels […]

Raptor Supplies is Official UK Distributor for Dazor Lighting

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Raptor Supplies Limited is the UK distributor for Dazor Lighting Solutions (“Dazor”), a top American brand for premier lighting. For over 75 years, Dazor has been supplying a variety of industries with top-quality task lighting and magnifying lamps manufactured in the USA. Raptor Supplies now carries the entire Dazor product line of over 1,000+ SKUs, […]